Preventive Care

A dental hygienist demonstrates dental flossing.

The dental hygiene process of care has five steps:

Assessing the patient: This includes, but is not limited to, a full review of the patient's medical history, necessary x-rays to be taken, a clinical exam, and a periodontal assessment by probing and exploring areas of the patients mouth. During this stage a thorough documentation must be implemented.

Dental hygiene diagnosis: Assessing data pertaining to a patient's condition/state in terms that will help identify problems so as to lead to a professional treatment plan/ therapies. The final diagnosis of disease and/or treatments solely lies with jurisdiction and/or approval granted by the doctor.

Planning: creating a sequential treatment plan for the patient. The treatment plan will vary based on the patient's immediate needs and/or cosmetic wishes.

Implementation: Carrying out the plan timely and effectively keeping a strong data base.

Evaluation: Determining the effectiveness of the treatment plan that was administered and developing new treatment plans when necesssary.